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Beginning in prep, we are here to assist with your script, available for assistance with accuracy, dialogue & building medical sequences with realism.

Ready Set Medic provides you access to a broad range of medical proficiency to ensure no detail is overlooked. From Paramedic actions, ER & trauma room sequences, to a complicated Operating Room procedure, we will assist you by sharing our knowledge of medical equipment, dressing, props & choreography.


Medical Bootcamp is a fun and educational way for those with limited medical experience to gain some knowledge before production begins.

We provide a curriculum tailored towards the medical skill sets in your production. Members of your crew or the Actors portraying medical staff benefit from Lindsay's 15 years of teaching experience. Her expertise is to successfully educate your team in a condensed amount of time.

Our one-on-one training sessions can focus more specifically on a medical skill being featured on camera (ie: suturing), providing the Actors with the knowledge and confidence for execution.

A behind the scenes look at Medical Consultant Lindsay Somers & her Medical Bootcamp for TV Series Remedy (2014).


The bulk of Ready Set Medic's work comes into play on set. It begins with our setting up the equipment & helping with any props required. Our role is to assist your team & provide support and ease for your shooting day.

We are available to guide & coordinate BG performer actions with your Assistant Directors. Our presence will be to monitor each shot with a meticulous eye.

Our work isn't complete until that final cut is locked! Your post production team might require assistance & we are available to help. From Lindsay's experience with voice over work, providing dialogue suggestions, to working in conjunction with the graphics team for any medical monitors, Ready Set Medic is available to ensure accuracy.

After a couple of one-on-one training sessions with Actor Corey Stoll, both Medical Consultant Lindsay Somers & Director Carlton Cuse, were elated with how this procedure turned out for the season finale of The Strain (2016).

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