Operating Room

This OR was set up using only our props on display. The surgical drapes, towels, silver instruments, & the sterile kits stocking the shelving along the walls, all belong to Ready Set Medic

Suture Kit

Complete suture kit available for rental (included in suturing lesson)


We have a Spinal Kit available for rent, which includes a backboard along with head rolls and straps

Sharps container

Sharps containers, kidney dishes and many other hospital accessories available for rent

Endotrachial Tubes

We have a large stock of sterile Endotracheal tubes, which are often required in OR sequences

OR tools

A surgical tray displaying some of our OR instruments

Pressure bag

We have a variety of Pressure Bags available for rent


Our functioning IV pump comes with a full IV kit: cradle for fastening to pole, IV bag & line


We have a wide assortment of sterile and non-sterile gauze bandages


We carry a large variety of masks, face shields, gowns and gloves for on camera use

Also available:

  • Oxygen masks

  • Nasal Cannula

  • Splints and slings

  • Sterile kits